Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Uncle Sammy Called Me Full Of Lucifer!

By spring 1966 Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale were arrested on Telegraph Avenue near UC Berkeley. Their arrest resulted from a fight with Berkeley police following Bobby Seale's recital of an anti-draft poem, "Uncle Sammy Called Me Full Of Lucifer!" They were arrested and charged with assault on police officers. They were bailed out of jail by Seale's wife Artie Seale and by mid October, 1966 the court put them on one year probation each, after their no-contest pleas. Attorney John George represented them. By October 15th 1966 Bobby Seale insisted to Huey that they meet at his NONSC office later that night and, "?write out our program for the new organization." At the time they had no name for their idea of a new organization, about which they had debated others and talked about the need for since the death of Malcolm X. Eighteen months, and through two organizing efforts, SSAC and The Black History Fact Group, both of which were literally started and organized by Bobby Seale out of his home across the street from Merritt College, with the co-creator help of Virtual Murell, who was Seale's close friend and Merritt College student, finally Newton and Seale with the break up of SSAC over legal fees money they decided to create a grass roots community based political revolutionary organization.