Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bobby Seale Speaking Across America (Part 2)

Bobby Seale, in effect, has become one the last surviving architects of one of the most important social change movements in American and African American history. In this second part of Bobby Seale Speaking Across America, transports you to a time when the civil-rights anti-Vietnam war activism of hundreds of thousands of protesters of many different ethnic groups included 5,000 young Black men and women selling hundreds of thousands of "THE BLACK PANTHER" weekly newspapers. Who created tangible grass roots community programs and registered voters, with law books in their hands and “legal” guns handy for self defense against vicious overt racist attacks at the time. "Today you don't need guns!" charges Bobby Seale. "If you want to observe police brutality use the technology. Network with a thousand camcorders and put it all on the internet! And with it create realistic peoples economic parity & greater “direct” democracy complete with community control of police and economics."